Welcome to MoxyRES

Moxy Real Estate Solutions was founded to provide assistance to those facing challenging real estate problems. There are a variety of reasons that can result in your need to seek solutions for your real estate problems: job loss, health care costs, estate settlement, divorce, property management costs, increased mortgage payments and many others. We help people regardless of your challenge; we’ve seen a lot. If you’re facing foreclosure, want to settle an estate, or have any other real-estate related matter, contact us!

We recognize that people with cash flow struggles can have stressful real estate problems.  Some of these struggles are related to a challenging economy which means foreclosure is a reality. Instead of being offered real solutions, our clients were frequently offered costly services like bankruptcy or debt settlement. These are not real solutions; this is like plugging holes in a sinking ship. When it comes to real estate, no one should be charged hefty, up-front fees for help.

Others clients for whom have assisted have inherited an estate and were in the midst of the probate process.  It is always amazing to see how difficult, timely, and mentally fatiguing it is to manage an estate. The biggest challenge? Real Estate. Hiring an agent, cleaning out a property, documenting possessions, waiting for an offer, all while making payments for mortgage, electric/gas/rubbish/landscaping is very complicated while trying to manage your own life. At Moxy Real Estate Solutions, we offer very simple, straight-forward solutions to alleviate this burden.

There are a many other reasons that people need quick real estate solutions — divorce, health care costs, legal settlements, out-of-state ownership situations, partnership dissolution, etc. We can help with these too.

We strive to make a difference for you by finding creative and sustainable solutions for our clients. Your privacy is valued and all matters are handled with the utmost discretion.

We are not a nameless faceless corporation; we’re your neighborhood specialists who are ready to assist. We invite you to choose to do business with a trusted company that can provide you with real solutions!

The Moxy Real Estate Solutions Team