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Have you received a Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale?

Foreclosure Timeline


Bad News

Lower Credit. Higher Fees.
Foreclosure may lower your credit score anywhere from 250-300 points. You will have limited access to money and credit and be charged excess fees in the future. Additionally, Insurance companies often run a credit report to assess their risk. A Foreclosure will even trigger higher rates. Lenders and leasing companies – for auto loans, apartment rentals, and educational financing – will require larger deposits or charge higher rates.

10 years bad luck.
Foreclosure will remain as a public record on your credit history for 10 Years.

The bank will come after you.
In 100% of Foreclosure (except in those states where there is no deficiency) the Bank has a right to pursue a deficiency judgment. This especially common if you have a Home Equity Line of Credit or 2nd Loan.

Good News

Stop Foreclosure.
We will stop foreclosure without bankruptcy or up-front fees.
Save your credit.
We will help you take control of your credit so you can build a strong financial future.
Put cash in your pocket.
Our solutions turn your debt into cash payouts.
Partner with us.
We will show you Smart options for your future.

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